After a 3 months free pilot, Zain Jordan embraces telehealth and provides its employees with Call-A-Doctor service

Zain Jordan embraces telehealth with Altibbi

Zain Jordan decided to provide its employees and their families with Altibbi’s Call-A-Doctor telehealth service to enable them to connect securely and privately with a doctor 24x7.

"We are keen on providing our employees with benefits and healthcare services. By adopting Altibbi's Call-A- Doctor Service we can rest assured that our employees and their families are getting the best primary care and medical advice both during and after working hours “stated Rasha Barakat, Zain's Chief Innovation and Human Capital Officer.

Zain employees will be able to initiate a private consultation at any time through the Altibbi mobile. They can send a picture, upload a lab test or request a second opinion on the spot. After the call, the doctor will send the employees a summary of the consultation with links to additional information and next steps. All consultation history is stored securely on Altibbi app.

"Telehealth can help companies control absenteeism and raise productivity. Our data and surveys show that up to 60% of cases do not require a physical visit to a doctor and can be managed over a call with a well-trained experienced doctor" said Jalil Al Labadi , Altibbi's founder and CEO.

For more information on how businesses can benefit from Altibbi's telehealth service, visit or send an email to [email protected] 

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