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    Altibbi.com is an online Arabic medical dictionary, medical reference, medical portal and medical assistance all in one site and all in Arabic. It  is a truly comprehensive source of all the medical information anyone would need. Health information: medical terms, health subjects, videos, health news, health images, drug information and more. Interaction: Questions and answers by expert doctors. Follow topics of interest and individual doctors. Get latest updates of areas of interest. Look up: Medical Directory of doctors and medical centers all over the world to get help if needed

    It boasts over 60 000 concise definitions of medical terms and terms used in health sciences, providing authoritative descriptions of

 medical conditions
  conventional medicine
  conventional healing practices
  anatomical terms
  physiology terms
  disease terms
  noted medical personalities
  medical disorders and more

All Arabised and explained in Arabic, with a glossary matching each word with its synonym in English and other languages. It includes the biggest Arab pharmacopeia and medical directory listing all kinds of medical entities in the Arab world and beyond.

Altibbi is ideal for everyone who reads Arabic and is interested in researching and contributing to medical knowledge, from medical professionals and students to anyone seeking medical information and advice online. Altibbi aims to contribute to raising the awareness of public health, lifting the uncertainty about the major enemy of the human being: Disease. It also aims to enrich the medical content in Arabic and in the Arab world. Altibbi is an extension of the Allabadi Arabic Medical Dictionary by Dr. AbdelAziz Allabadi (author), the first dictionary of its kind fully in Arabic. It is underway for the second edition, which will be revised and complemented with medical pictures

We invite all users interested in Arab medical and health issues and call on everyone to feel free to pose questions about any disease or health subject. We are seeking to answer all our users’ questions and to know their interests to guide us at Altibbi about the areas for further content development. The information will help develop Altibbi's content and applications towards filling these gaps in knowledge and improve the overall user experience

We also welcome the contributions of fellow physicians and medical professionals in the expansion of health topics of interest to users and increase the medical awareness in the community. The use of images to enrich the medical gallery, which will be available with the dictionary at the earliest opportunity, is also most welcome. Articles and photos published or sent to be published on Altibbi will be appropriately referenced to their owners, or as agreed upon

Please note that this information is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a medical professional

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